Associazione Culturale Millennium


Millennium Cultural Association

The Millennium Cultural Association was founded in 2001 with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the cultural and artistic inheritance of the Procida island, especially the Abbey (and library) of Saint Michael Archangel where it offers a qualified service of guided tours, in foreign language too.

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, the underground of the Abbey has been re- arranged fot the visitors to enjoy the many artworks within.
The Millennium Cultural Association accomplished several projects such as the cleaning and the restoration of the Neapolitan nativity (XVIII century), the adhesion of the library to the Regional Pole (SBN); the cataloguing of 8.000 books (currently underway) and a new website

Over the years the association has published a short guide in Italian and English language about the abbey and the ex votos, a guide and a map of Procida and arranged cultural events, exhibitions and concerts.

From 2016 to June 2017, besides, it has offered a service of guided tours at D’Avalos castle, ex prison of the island and former Royal Palace of the Bourbons. The volunteers offer several guided tours to promote and to discover the beauty of the island: historic, artistic, naturalistic and enogastronomic tours